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Details of Ad Reference Number 81 < Previous Page

Property Details

RefNo : 81
Status : For Sale
Type : Villa
Area : Çiftlik
: 270
Floor :
Room :
Hall :
Kitchen :
Bath :
Price : 340.000 TL

Contact Information

Competent : Ali Ergünce
Tel.: 0252 613 58 71
Mobil Tel : 0533 374 13 83

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Property Details
The features available in this announcement
Proper credit
Reverse Duplex
Roof Duplex
Reverse Triplex
Detached Garden
Steel Doors
Shower Enclosures
Double Bath
White goods
Built-in Kitchen
Landscape Throat
Natural Landscape
In Site
Earthquake Resistant
Pressure Tank
Cable TV
Parking Garage
Fire Escape
Swimming Pool
PVC Windows
Aluminum windows
Double Layer Glass
Spot Light
Air conditioning
High Ceilings
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Address : Adnan Menderes Bulvarı Onur Apt.357/B - Fethiye / Muğla
Tel : 0(252) 613 58 71


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